May 14

It's going to be one starry, bloody night.

Getting a date to the Prom, Hunger Games style. Click here to find out more.

Getting a date to the Prom, Hunger Games style. Click here to find out more.

1 year ago
2nd May, 2013

Hello there.

When you first heard people in talks of something called a 'prom', you were curious, weren't you? You wanted to know what all the hype was about. You were excited even though you didn't know a thing about it. And then your friends told you. You made it seem like you didn't really care. Like you were too cool for an irrelevant little dance. But deep inside, something was telling you to go. You thought you didn't need to bite the opportunity but you wanted to. You wanted to ask the person of your dreams. You wanted to be with her and it was the perfect opportunity to do so...

You thought this was going to be a normal prom, didn't you?

Think again.

The Tributes

taylorcord-d8-archive g l o o m y
maeverowe Mythical Queen
isolxto R U D E ;;
nataliedistrict8 We are all mad here
atlaslerman-d2 A day without sunshine, is, you know, night.
logan-district2 Dorkosaurus Rex
elodiebreille-d8 I'll make it.
cameron-7 Don't Give Up On Me
stephaniebradshaw-d1 Don't let innocence blind you.
crossfrom2 Sweet Misery
autumn-district2 Lie To Me
jason-d1 A Little Louder
tyler-d8 It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy
landon-d5 The Dog Days Are Over
coleen-district1 I'll give them nothing.
riley-d2 Thicker than Blood
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When an insane man imprisons you in a silly dance that turns out to be a fight for survival, anything can happen. Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games Prom, children. May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. This is a prom party exclusive to the THG fandom in relation to the Tumblr Roleplay Prom main post. Based on that, the Hunger Prom would commence on May 14, 2013 at 7:30 pm (GMT 8+)
  2. Everyone is allowed to join. You won't be required to submit a sample para in order to get in. Just message this account if you would like your character (or characters) to be added on the tribute list.
  3. Getting a date is not mandatory but it is advised since it would increase your chances of survival.
  4. Your characters aren't allowed to know about the real purpose of this event until it is announced. That means that they could dance, eat, fall in love, play pranks, heck, they could even get stoned, as if they are in a regular prom before it turns into a fight to the death.
  5. Watch out for updates from the Head Prom-maker. He will also be the prom's DJ. He will announce whatever's happening on the dancefloor that is available for general view (i.e. the songs playing, the change of mood, peculiar accidents). You must incorporate them somehow to your paras no matter what you're doing.
  6. You are required to submit a collage of your character's prom outfit. We suggest you use Polyvore if you are not well-acquainted with Photoshop. It would be our basis on choosing the winners for the Best Dressed Award. The deadline for submission of entries is on May 13-- a day before the exact event.
  7. There would be polls available on this page on the exact day of the event. The Prom Victors (Prom King & Queen) would be chosen by all of you based on voting so please do find the time to read the paras of other tributes so as to prevent it from being biased.
  8. Prior and on the exact night of the prom, you allowed to send suggestions and comments as to how we could make your prom better.
  9. You could start your paras about the preparations for prom at any time. 
  10. We will set up a playist on this blog on the night of the prom to encourage the flow of feels. You can tell us the songs you would like to hear there and we will definitely add them.
  11. The most important rule of them all: JUST HAVE FUN! :)

The Victors

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Best Dressed Tribute

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Best Dressed Tribute

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